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Helping high-achieving overthinkers break free from self-doubt so they can find more fulfillment and ease in their careers.


  • Are you a high-achieving professional, but find that you get in your own way of your success?

  • Do you overthink or ruminate on topics and find it hard to make decisions?

  • Do you take things too personally at work?

  • Does Imposter Syndrome hold you back?

  • Do you feel guilty saying no and have a hard time setting boundaries?

  • Do you overwork and feel like you are close to burnout?

  • Do you feel stuck and not sure where to go next with your career?

I am a leadership and career coach for people who have finely tuned senses (otherwise known as highly sensitive).


Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?


For many people, just hearing this term has a negative connotation. They fear they will be thought of as weak, fragile or vulnerable - especially in the world of business.


There is nothing wrong with you.


Being an HSP means that your nervous system is more responsive to environmental, emotional, and social input than others’. Our brains process incoming information more deeply, which leads to a more intense experience. 

It is estimated that about 20-30% percent of people have this trait.

Being highly sensitive comes with its challenges, but it also comes with powerful gifts.


Are you ready to break free from the self-doubt, imposter syndrome and overthinking?  It’s possible to find more confidence and ease so you can tap into those gifts. I can help. 

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Leadership Coaching

Reach your full potential

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Career Transition Coaching

Discover your ideal path

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HSP Coaching 

Lean into your strengths

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Build skills to succeed


Heidi coached me as part of a leadership program at my company. I was feeling tentative about my proposed project, but the questions she posed helped me expand my thinking which enabled me to create an impactful and focused vision. She also partnered with me to stay motivated through a challenging year, so I could deliver a successful presentation to our senior management.  My project was positively received for its passion and purpose, much of which I attribute to Heidi’s guidance.

Angela / Program Management/ Director

Working with Heidi has been such a pleasure!  Heidi has excellent listening skills and has provided an encouraging and non-judgmental space for me to think through a variety of issues.  Heidi served as a champion for me whenever self-doubt crept in, encouraging me to continue on.  This has helped me to achieve my personal and professional goals. 

Graziella / Alumni Relations / Program Manager

Heidi’s super-power is listening. Through her listening and thoughtful questions, she guided me through many conversations – that ultimately led to new opportunities to lead projects, roles and insights that I would not have gotten without her.

Teresa / Community Relations /Vice President

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